Company Profile

Advance Research Product Co.,Ltd. ,established in 2014 from a group of expert peoples in Infrared sensor faucet and Infrared urinal flush valve , is a Thai company who design, develop and produce Infrared sensor faucet and Infrared sensor for urinal flush valve under brand name ARP . With past experience in Infrared sensor development, since 1992, the company development team has gain expertise in design and development product for ARP, the product of Thailand, for better function, safety and reliability along with modern look design concept.

Starting with capital investment of 2 million baht, the company vision is to be innovative and environmental protection. By utilizing advance technology machine and software for prototype design and development, together with good and long relationship with highly standard manufacturing partner, the company can be small but very efficient. And this will ensure high quality product which the company deliver to customer.

ARP Logo

ARP Logo is a group of alphabet A, R, and P which is the name of the company, Advance Research Product Co., Ltd. ,grouping together. These alphabets connect together to form a line of conductor track on a printed circuit board. The red square of the “A” is where the input power supply is connected, while the red portion of the “P” is the picture of red LED which lighted when the sensor is operating. The logo,together, form a picture of left hand pointing to the right direction. Which means moving forward toward the advance research and development product.