• Place your hands under faucet spout, the infrared sensor will detect object and command the faucet to open water. As soon as removing your hands, the faucet will automatically shut off the water.

  • The faucet also performs timer function. If you place your hands under faucet spout longer than 30 seconds, The faucet will shut off water automatically. This is to prevent sensor from detect object which unintentionally left in front of the sensor .Thus causing nonstop opening faucet and waste water. In this case, just remove your hands or object then the faucet will perform normal operation again.

Design Principle

  • ARP sensor faucet assembly consist of ; faucet body; electronic control box; solenoid valve; stop valve ; A.C./D.C. power supply adapter; nipple and inlet hose set.

  • Electronic control box, installed to faucet body, has major component part as follow; Infrared signal transmitter; Infrared signal receiver; micro controller unit; output drive unit.

  • The micro controller unit functions as a central processing unit (CPU) of the electronic control box. It generates coded signal and send to Infrared signal transmitter to radiate electromagnetic wave output of 940 nanometer wave length. The radiated electromagnetic wave (Infrared signal) has cone shape pattern and has very low power. So it can not harm any living organism or tissue.

  • The transmitted signal when hit any object in front, will reflect back some of the wave signal. If the reflected signal is strong enough, the infrared signal receiver will be able to detect it.

  • Upon detect the reflected signal , the receiver will filter out the noise to make the clear signal before sending to micro controller.

  • The micro controller will compare the received signal to the transmitted signal to check that they have same code or same pattern. If the code is incorrect ,the micro controller will ignore the signal and do nothing .It will keep on transmitting and receiving signal loop. If the code is correct, the micro controller will go to further checking for request setup subroutine.

  • Further checking is to identify that the string of incoming signal is the request signal for parameter set up or not . If it is the request set up signal, the program will go to set up subroutine. If it is not, the program will continue on open water main routine, using parameter stored in EEPROM IC.

  • For open water main routine , the micro controller command the solenoid valve to open the water and start timer. The solenoid valve will open water as long as there is reflected signal received, and shut of water immediately when the reflected signal is stopped.

  • If the micro controller receive the reflected signal continuously but time out has occur ( Normally set for 30 seconds) the controller will command solenoid valve to shut of water immediately. This is to prevent object left in front of sensor, causing water to open nonstop and waste water. The program then loop back to main program of transmitting and receiving signal .

  • If further checking send the program to set up subroutine, the micro controller will read the incoming string of signal, store it in catch memory , then extract setup parameter from the string. For example, delay time for first flush, first flushing time, second flushing time, delay time for closing second flush, increase or decrease sensor detection range, etc. Once all the parameters are extracted , the parameter will be stored in EEPROM and used in the program. No matter whether the power is loss or not ,the parameter will stay in EEPROM until new setup parameter is executed.

  • The setup signal is created from setup remote transmitter which belong to ARP company. The customer can purchase this remote separately. One remote can setup every control circuit box.

  • Control circuit box and solenoid valve utilized the 12 Vdc, 750 milli amp. power supply from AC./DC. adapter.


  • ARP sensor faucet operate on micro controller technology with programmable software control.

  • Sensor range of 10-50 cm. (adjustable by remote control)

  • Timer function of 30 seconds.(adjustable by remote control) prevent object left in front of sensor, causing water to open nonstop and waste water.

  • Require power supply of 12 Volt d.c. from A.C./D.C. adapter (provided in the set .)

  • Infrared transmitter and receiver has low power output so it can not harm human body or living organism.

  • ARP faucet is Thailand’s product, designed and manufactured by Thai engineering team, who have more than 20 years of experience in sensor faucet.

  • ARP faucets have passed continuous function test of 100,000 operations.

Installation & Sensor Range Adjustment

  • ARP will provide assistance for installation and sensor range adjustment to customer (see installation diagram) or

  • ARP will provide service for installation & sensor range adjustment on service charge condition.

  • Caution: installation of the equipment required qualify personnel to prevent electrical hazard.

Warrantee & Claim

  • ARP warrantee the operation of sensor faucet for 3 years.

  • ARP will fix or replace maintenance parts free of charge on condition that the damage or malfunction of the faucet occurred under normal operation condition.